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Ball and Tableau News

1. Tableau starts at 7pm, please be seated by 6:50.

2. Cash bar available prior to the tableau available in the Plantation Room

2. At the end of the tableau, please exit the arena as quickly as possible to allow set up for the ball.

3. At intermission between the tableau and ball, enjoy the music of the Victory Bells in the Plantation Room. Cash Bar available during this period as well!

4. Everyone attending the ball MUST have an ID. No exceptions.

5. 17-21 year old must have a chaperone of age. Chaperone must fill out a chaperone form prior to getting to the ball. Please email for this form.

6. Chaperones should arrive with the minors that they signed for. Security will be checking.

7. MUST have your ticket to get into the ball. No exceptions.

8. Please find security during the intermission to give them your tickets and get arm banded.

9. We want everyone to have an amazing time and to be safe!!

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